A place where all are driven by the beat of the sound… so is the Cartel Club situated in the most traditional and elegant areas of São Paulo. Inaugurated in February 2010, the nightclub occupies a two floors building, which was renewed and designed by the architects and lighting designers Luciana Costantin and Paula Carnelós, principals of Acenda Lighting Projects.

The Club, with 180 square meters and capacity of up to 350 people, has its architecture inspired by the New York nightclubs. The spaces are integrated and branded by the contrast between warm, mirrored and metallic surfaces.
The designers’ team purpose was to make the people on the house to surrender to the rhythm of music and light, inviting everyone - visitors and pedestrians - for the party. The desire to have a dynamic and colored light was achieved using a lighting control system and RGB LEDs, integrated into the sound.

The light, emitted from rectangular slots on the facade, are vertical and "well-behaved", and on the dance floor ceiling has random positions. The idea was to give customers the feeling that everything before get in has an organization, but when they are inside, with the beat of the music and light atmosphere, became excited.

For lounges areas, the light was thought intimate and comfortable, with a color temperature around 3000K. On the facade, 16 light fixtures with RGB LEDs are responsible for the light that is scattered across 48 vertical cuts of corten steel that surrounds it. These devices were installed in the in 02 rows on a horizontal and centralized support, between the wall and the steel panel. The equipments of one row are driven down and the others on up.

On the track, the effect of "dancing light” is produced by 12 RGB LEDs fixtures posted on the walls, between ceilings, and, again, light is distributed through 50 rectangle holes on the gypsum ceiling.