Founded by Designer and CEO Filipe Lisboa, VISO creates unique and innovative decorative light fixtures, transforming interiors around the globe.

It is our mission, to provide unique character to interiors, and, to create special and intriguing atmospheres through the use of our light fixtures.

Proudly Canadian, VISO specializes in the design and manufacturing of contemporary decorative light fixtures to service the hospitality industry, such as office spaces, retail stores, open areas and more. Projects include new establishments, renovations, hotels, restaurants and public spaces. Depending on the project, VISO works with Architects, Interior Designers, Construction Groups, Purchasing Agents, and Electricians to choose the right product for the job. Products can vary from VISO standard catalogue items to custom lighting solutions designed by the internal design team.

We have a passion for lighting design and we follow a client-focused approach. We understand that the exchange with our customers is paramount: understanding the needs of our clients is the critical starting point of our design process. Our team of lighting professionals is made up of both specialty in-house manufacturing, and other partner companies dedicated to provide premium workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction. The in-house team ensures continuity, and our products, materials and processes conform to the highest industry standards, for consistent quality.

Our value-added design and rendering service yields visuals that are closer to life than imagined. Our skilled designers and their customer specific renderings offer you the opportunity to be a little bit closer to the transformative power of VISO light.

VISO designer luminaires have transformed environments at the Trump Tower, Saks Fifth Avenue, MGM Group Las Vegas, Marriott Hotel, Fallsview Casino, Tim Horton's Global, AUDI HQ, Guess/Marciano NA, Crystal Cruises, IIBYIV Design Associates, The Royal Group Middle East, AT&T NA, LAX Airport, Virgin Lounge, JFK, Starwood Hotels, and many more.

Light is life.