Since 1957, the year when Vilagrasa was set up, they have maintained a constant concern for people and their environment. That is why the design of products therefore responds to their users and uses, whatever the place for which they are developed, albeit public or private. For the same reason, Vilagrasa is sure that the products they make are necessary because they offer people the chance to confer their own seal of identity to the places where they are used, and also because they are the result of a detailed analysis of the needs that they must satisfy in the place. To keep an airport clean or an office table tidy, to efficiently organise a wardrobe or to make work easy for computer equipment are something more than just simple functions. They are a way to interrelate architecture and people, and in this sense our products contribute to converting a building into a place that is more human, not just a set of walls, furniture and machines. On this idea his range finds inspiration, a series of practical pieces, functional, but at the same time beautiful, that easily fit in with their surroundings: hangers, office accessories, auxiliary furniture, merchandising elements... A catalogue that is the result of a product strategy based on close collaboration with prestigious designers with its “raison d’être” lying in specialisation and quality; the same strategy that has enabled them to achieve a large share of the international market of complements for fitting out facilities.

The products have been created by prestigious designers as Gemma Bernal y Ramón Isern, furniture, household and packaging designers; Antoni Flores, who manage one of the most important Spanish designers team from 1987; Ricardo Bofill, international famous architect, founder of “Taller de Arquitectura” which bring together a number of important architects and collaborators; Antoni Bonamusa, interior designer and designer of office equipment; Josep Lluscà, prestigious industrial designer; André Ricard, a pioneer of the Spanish design and creator of recognized objects as the Barcelona’92 Olimpic torch; Mario Ruiz, industrial designer, teacher and lecturer; or Pascual Salvador, industrial designer, teacher and company design consultant.