Creative diversity combined with expert traditional craftsmanship – our unique surfaces are as individual as your personal requirements. It is our ambition to develop products, where creative aspirations are optimally combined with craftsmanship and technical expertise. We are a team of restorers, gilders, wood carvers and carpenters that develop custom built surfaces according to the special demands of our customers. Through professional project management, planning, fabrication and assembly these designs are successfully produced by our highly motivated team. Our staff members have comprehensive experience with various materials due to years of practical work in restoration. This knowledge will be specifically applied to the refinement of surfaces at VEROB GmbH. Our work is realized in luxury yachts, in private houses in Germany and abroad, in gastronomy and top class hotels as well as in banking houses. For the interior fittings of yachts, we are able to coat and finish our surfaces with USCG-approved varnishes on demand.

We combine historic craftsmanship with 21st century aesthetic standards and technology. The finished surfaces represent artistic design and technical perfection for various applications that meet the requirements of modern demands, like resilience, scratch resistance, fire retardance and UV stability. We structure and coat board materials, wall panels or furniture in different sizes.

We are using the following materials and techniques:

» Metallization
» Leaf metal allocation
» Lacquer techniques
» Allocation of nacre
» Allocation of horn
» Allocation of amber
» Coating of glass
» Different techniques of patination
» Structuring

All our surfaces can be applied to any carrier material and on panels of up to 2 x 1 m in size or even larger in individual cases. Please contact us for further details.