Since 1935, Troldtekt A/S has produced cement-bonded wood wool panels in Troldhede in western Denmark. The panels are made from 100% natural materials; wood from Danish forests and cement produced by Aalborg Portland, Denmark.

The structure of Troldtekt panels provides a basis for excellent sound absorption, and using Troldtekt ceilings will, therefore, reduce noise and provide optimal room acoustics. The product properties are: good acoustics, efficient fireproofing, healthy indoor climate, natural strength, flexible design solutions and documented sustainability.

Architecturally, the characteristic structure of Troldtekt panels also lends new opportunities for contrasting the smooth materials used in the building project. Troldtekt is available in a high number of combinations that vary according to surface structure, edge, installation system, color, dimension and thickness. 

The sustainable choice

Troldtekt acoustic panels have achieved Cradle to Cradle certification in the “Silver” category. This certifies that Troldtekt contains no hazardous substances and therefore can be returned to nature as compost.

Troldtekt is also certified according to both the PEFC and FSC®standards, which guarantee that the wood used for the production of Troldtekt acoustic panels can be traced back to responsible forestry. Troldtekt achieved PEFC-certification in 2009 and FSC-certification in 2013.

Additionally, Troldtekt panels are certified according to the best indoor climate categories by Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, meaning that Troldtekt panels do not contain harmful materials or potential allergenics. In 2010, Troldtekt was awarded the Danish Building Industry Environment Award in recognition of the company’s focus on environment during the entire product life cycle.
When choosing Troldtekt products for sustainable buildings, specifiers can be assured that Troldtekt can provide assessors and auditors documentation for the international sustainable building certifications LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.


Troldtekt A/S was founded in 1855 in Aarhus as a family business by the name of A/S L. Hammerich & Co. (later L. Hammerich A/S). Today, the company is one of the oldest contemporary public limited companies in Denmark.

In 1935, Troldtekt took a step forward and expanded its business from being distributor of building materials to being a producer. The main product was Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels made from natural materials, produced in the small town, Troldhede, in western Jutland.
During the last few years, the production plant has been upgraded and modernised, so today Troldtekt has a modern, efficient and environmentally conscious production.

Troldtekt’s headquarters including marketing and administration are situated in Aarhus, Denmark.
Internationally, Troldtekt products are sold via our network of distributors whereas in Denmark, they are sold through builders merchants. Troldtekt acoustic solutions for ceiling and wall cladding are among the leading products to ensure good acoustics, efficient fireproofing and a healthy indoor climate.

Troldtekt A/S addresses a wide target group with its numerous acoustic solutions for buildings such as offices, businesses, schools, institutions, sports centres and private residences.
Today’s choice of quarry tiles, wooden floors, smooth-faced walls, and sloping ceilings, requires that the acoustics work. For that reason, more and more people choose to upgrade their ceiling by installing Troldtekt.

Troldtekt has focused on developing multi-functional solutions to a wider target group whereas earlier Troldtekt had a quite narrow target group and mainly provided ceiling and wall cladding for farmers and businesses.

Today, Troldtekt is working closely together with experts such as building advisors and architects, in order to ensure continuous product development. That initiative has resulted in a number of innovative and exciting products such as: integrated lighting, integrated concealed speakers, decoration etc.

Mission and vision
Troldtekt produces acoustic panels for the construction industry and makes available expert knowledge on acoustic solutions to architects, consultants, dealers and construction professionals. Troldtekt products must be of a consistently high quality with a strong focus on the environment in every respect, as well as ensuring customers optimal and effective solutions. 

The Troldtekt vision

Troldtekt will continue to be the largest European manufacturer of cement-bonded wood wool providing acoustic solutions for the construction industry. Troldtekt will be the first choice in the field of acoustic solutions on the European market. Customer focus means quality service, flexibility and credibility.