Texaa® designing silence

Textiles I Acoustics I Architecture

Texaa® designs and develops wall covers, panels, screens, stretched fabrics and freestanding or ceiling-hung objects to improve the acoustic comfort of the places in which we live and work.

Our products are for the use of professionals - specifiers: designers, architects, contractors, builders…in France and international.

They are made from sound absorbing foam covered in a high-quality sound transparent* fabric, available in a range of 22 colours. Our fabrics are knitted and our products assembled near Bordeaux, France.

Thanks to the various combinations of foams with controlled porosities and a proprietary fabric knit – Aeria*– the various Texaa® products combine acoustic efficiency and aesthetic quality. Texaa® products thus meet a wide range of needs in very different environments – aesthetically, efficiently and with exceptional durability.

All Texaa® products are covered in an envelope of Aeria*, a fabric knitted on machines in our workshops in Gradignan. The fabric is almost totally sound transparent and is very hard wearing. It does not fray or ravel,wear, rub or fluff. It is protected with a water-repellent coating, is stain resistant and machine washable. Its colour fastness is equal or superior to 5 on a scale of 0 to 8. Aeria* maintains shape perfectly and is not affected by changes in climatic conditions. Aeria* is fire resistant and continues to be so, year after year, wash after wash (France: M1 Fire Safety rating, flame-retardant, non dripping/ Europe B-s1, d0).

Texaa® products absorb sound and decrease the reverberation time of the spaces in which they are used. Suddenly, speech becomes intelligible and the noisy commotion of a busy workplace becomes a comfortable sound environment in which it is pleasant to live and work. The acoustic properties of our products are tested in our laboratories (two reverberating rooms). The full range of our products – panels, stretched fabrics and objects – are tested as per ISO 354 norm. Test reports and full details are available for each product.

The Environment

Texaa® seeks to develop processes which respect each and every individual concerned and works hard to strike a balance between environmental, social and economic demands. Over the last thirty years, we have endeavoured to make intelligent choices in the materials used for the manufacturing of our products and to use the means available to us wisely.

Acoustic comfort is one of the main criteria of the HQE® standard (High Environmental Quality), used to evaluate the environmental impact of architectural design and renovation projects and their sustainability.

1. Acoustic comfort
– Texaa® products are designed to reduce sound reverberation in echoey rooms, efficiently and simply. They absorb sound of all frequencies and may be used on walls, ceilings and glazed surfaces or suspended in empty space. Their sound absorbing efficiency is measured in Texaa®’s laboratory and defined according to the terms of ISO norm 354.

2. Visual attractiveness
– Texaa® products create a harmonious atmosphere and are available in a creative array of 24 colours or digital prints. The products come in a range of forms, from strips of fabric to panels or sound-relieving objects, all of which can be co-ordinated with other products from the range or an existing interior design scheme. – The colours used demonstrate a high level of light fastness (>5 on the scale of ISO 105-B02) and resistance to wear and tear, making them highly sustainable.

3. Smells and odours
– Texaa® products do not give off any perceptible odour (although we do recommend that stretch and glue fabrics be fitted in a well ventilated room.)

4. Hygiene and cleanliness
– Hygiene: the materials used in the products reduce the presence of house dust-mites and micro-organisms. – Maintenance: the antistatic and fluid-repellent surface of our fabric protects products from dust, staining and degradation (instructions for care available).

5. Air quality control
– Texaa® products respect the quality of the air we breathe and do not give off toxic or carcinogenic gases. The level of VOCs and formaldehyde emitted respect the norms laid down by ISO 16000 (sections 3,6,9 and 11) and meet with the requirements of German norm AgBB. For Stereo panels and screens, the emissions of VOCs after 28 days are inferior to the detection threshold.

* Aeria, our sound transparent fabric, exclusively patented by Texaa®