Suzusan – Japanese design, handmade in Japan.

Suzusan, the fusion of refined tradition and modern design. The Düsseldorf label has its roots in Arimatsu, Japan, where the Murase family has cultivated their knowledge of hand-made fabrics for more than 100 years. Hiroyuki Murase, the eldest son, came to Europe in 2002 to study sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Here,he first started creating scarves from the hand-made fabrics produced by his family. This was the first step in transferring this kind of material, which had so far only been used to make traditional Japanese clothing, into a modern context and thus in the development of the product lines Suzusan Accessories and Suzusan Luminaires.

Suzusan Luminaires – Haute Couture In Light.

The original idea was to present the refined tridimensional fabrics as artworks of light. It was later developed into Suzusan Luminaires, our luminaire product line, the most refined element of which are the custom-made covers - Suzusan Coats - that add yet another dimension to the luminaires. As all other components are also handcrafted, every Suzusan Luminaire is unique and special request can easily be met.

Suzusan Coats – Light-flooded dreams of fabric.

The fabrics for Suzusan Coats are handmade in Japan and then made into customized coats in Germany to become tailor-made coats. The Shibori methods used during production have been practiced in the same way in Japan for the past 400 years. The basic material for Suzusan coats is polyester, which is treated with heat during the Shibori process. This enables the three-dimensional surface structure of the fabrics to be permanently maintained and also allows cleaning in the washing machine. Suzusan offers four different surface structures that can be combined with all luminaires.

Shibori – Textile finishing at the highest level.

Shibori means “to wring, squeeze, press” and thus defines the concept of a traditional 400-year-old Japanese technique to refine fabrics through handwork. There are virtually endless possibilities of combining colours and patterns. The Murase family now practices this traditional craft in the fourth generation; and it is done with absolute perfection and intense passion. Exquisite fabrics of the highest quality and with inimitable designs are the result.