With almost a century of experience since their creation, Point have become world leaders in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and pioneers in the use of woven fiber materials. Key to the success of the company lies in their combination of unique design and extensive workmanship, features evident throughout their pieces.

Due to the overwhelming success reached with their outdoor collections, the third generation of the Pons family have decided to return to the company’s roots creating a full collection of pieces made ​from natural raw materials. With this aim in mind they have dusted off some of their classic models (Cofrentes, Albir, Gadea, Palasiet, Arenas, and Lolita); and have developed a new line of contemporary pieces relying on well-known designers such as Ximo Roca (Creu, Algar, Europe, Zeros, Kif, Axis, Pat and Quatre) and Gabriel Teixidó (Mojito).

The hallmark of this new range is the use of the traditional vegetable fibers and a clever combination with different metals and strains of wood. It is a commitment to the natural, a return to provenance.

Point’s main activity is the manufacture and marketing of furniture for the home and shared areas; their goal is to meet the demands of a knowledgeable and demanding audience that value design, strength and durability, without sacrificing comfort and functionality. To achieve these objectives, Point monitor the entire production process, from the selection of materials right through to packaging and shipment, ensuring compliance with strict quality requirements and safety standards.

The company currently has modern facilities located in Jalon (Alicante) allowing them to combine computer technology for cutting textile patterns, or automated packaging, with the traditional hand woven wicker.

Point is also a company fully committed to conserving the environment; all materials used in the manufacture are fully recyclable, and the installation of solar power units make the company self - sufficient from an energy point of view.

In definition then, a company that seeks to distinguish themselves with honesty, combining innovation with unique experience gained over almost a 100 years:

- Tradition and modernity.
- Innovation from tradition.
- Innovation without sacrificing experience.
- Meeting the needs of all its public.
- Natural materials in a contemporary setting.
- Natural materials adapted to modern needs.
- Traditional craft, new technology and contemporary design.
- Domestic contract.
- Production process control, quality and safety.