Olby Design – A Swedish love story

Design is a part of our lives. Yet, in todays high-tempo world, we look towards solace from quality and longevity so we can return to a place in which life was slower and more considered. The philosophy of Olby Design is one which, right now, we can all relate to; products which will last a lifetime and beyond. Living with a piece of Olby Design furniture should be like a love affair, worn in with care and used with passion, constantly developing new attributes and characteristics.

At Olby Design, honest production and genuine materials like wools, linens, wood and stone are cherished and celebrated. The limestone we work with comes from nearby Kinnekulle, and consists of five layers of rock nestled in the bedrock. From this very rock, we can trace history about our planet millions of years ago.

The love of man and craftsmanship has been our focus for 30 years, with our furniture being selected to represent examples of good Swedish design for both Swedish Embassys and the Prime Minister’s residence. We’ve also designed chairs for the restaurant, Frantzén Lindeberg with its two Guide Michelin Stars.

Manufactured our factory in Skövde in west Sweden, our artisans sign each piece of furniture as a guarantee of pride and love for craftsmanship. Our hope is that their affection - of course, will affect you.