Which forms do we like to be around? What makes material objects into aesthetically independent objects, and how can an object’s power of expression be strengthened? Some of the question that currently occupy designer Nikolas Kerl, born in Munich in 1983, already began during his youth. He attended boarding school for four years, where classical education lessons and craftsmanship were considered to be of equal value in a woodshop belonging to the institute. This fostered the desire for further knowledge in the field of furniture design.

Nikolas received his degree as an Industrial Designer from the Zurich University of the Arts. Merely one year later, he began practicing as an independent designer an producer. In collaboration with local artisans, he produces pieces of furniture as well as objects for daily use, marked by their confident formal language and an equally curious and meticulous handling of materials. Nikolas Kerl accompanies his products throughout the entire design process, from building initial prototypes through to final quality control of the finished product.