Marcel by is a new manufacturer and editor of contemporary design furniture and objects. As a home furnishings editor, marcel by carefully selects outstanding craftsmen and manufacturers, and works with talented designers in order to provide high end, original and functional products aiming at a mid to high range market of prescribers and private customers.

Marcel is a classic French name. Popular and easily recognizable in France and abroad, Marcel conveys the immediate image of a character with simple, universal and strong appeal.
By is a preposition, stresses the articulation of creation and know-how by the different actors involved, the two pillars of marcel by. By belongs to the English lexicon and asserts a firm intention to be open to the world.
marcel by intersects beauty, quality and utility, craftsmanship and contemporary creation. This new design editor mostly relies on the quality of the people involved. Entrepreneurs, craftsmen, designers represent the genuine added value of marcel by. These essential contributors, usually overlooked, are deliberately promoted by this innovative design company that puts an emphasis on the work and knowledge of the manufacturers it collaborates with. marcel by is a family of craftsmen perpetually looking for new talents, all over the world. Each fabrication specialties are manufactured locally in different parts of France, Europe and the world.

This first collection offers a range of seating furniture, lights, occasional furniture and small decorative objects.
marcel by eventually wishes to open its collections to new markets such as outdoor or contract. To do so, this new editing house will develop new partnerships with manufacturers and designers in keeping with marcel by’s philosophy: associating handcrafted manufacture with contemporary designs using traditional techniques and modern innovations. Mixing noble materials such as hard wood, metals, glass, ceramics, leather or wool with LED, synthetic resin, flexible thermoplastics, non-woven fibers, composite concrete...