Kurth made ​​new classic and unique!

The factory manufactures KURTH new classic and unique pieces for an exclusive atmosphere and a sophisticated clientele. All products are characterized by craftsmanship and custom made high quality standards. The products are manufactured to order to customer specifications in the factory.

Lasting Values ​​for a lifetime
The basic range of KURTH factory includes a variety of products and materials for the residential and commercial sectors. We combine the craft of design in products of lasting value. Our product ideas we bring to market for retail and mail order, Shopeinrichter, interior designers and exhibitions.

Custom made solutions - leather upholstery, leather furniture, leather walls, leather bottoms ...

We put your ideas and plans for using quality materials and years of experience. We offer our clients flexibility and individual, customized special solutions. With expert material and product advice and a team of experienced specialists, we carry out your project from prototype to small series to mass production.
During and after your project, we are making a reliable and trustworthy customer service.
Our high quality products and customer satisfaction are our best reference!