With a belief that “when the love and dreams of people grow, their dreams will come true.” We the - kitani group have nurtured a philosophy that we can create a higher standard of living through the creation of a higher quality product.

We believe that what ultimately determines whether a product is good or bad is none other than the hands and heart of its craftsmen.

When we set out to create authentic pieces of furniture, we came across Northern European designs. Through the repair of hundreds of Danish items, we marveled at our predecessors’ rare wisdom and skills from which we learned a great deal about what is necessary to create them as we experienced the difficulty of making such items with our own hands.

Fortunately, we succeeded in obtaining licenses for products from seven designers and we now believe that our mission is to convey to the coming generation the manufacturing philosophy of Northern European designs, which has allowed unbranded furniture to become world class pieces.

Kitani aims to manufacture Danish designed furniture bearing the mark “made in Japan” that can stand the test of time and will always appeal to the hearts of people everywhere. We are confident in our extensive knowledge of the refined Japanese tradition of our predecessors and constantly strive to incorporate new aspects into already exquisite designs.