Hornschuch is a renowned specialist in surface design solutions. Creating films, high-tech synthetics and artificial leather with outstanding product characteristics and top designs for a broad spectrum of applications - that is what we are passionate about. Hornschuch's makes its entire range of products in Kochertal, near to Heilbronn, in Germany for delivery all over the world. Our five subsidiaries close to the metropolises of London, Paris, Rome, Moscow and Prague support our international sales efforts.

d-c-fix® and skai® are our company's best-known brands. They have been on the market for 50 years now and are successfully kept up-to-date through a process of ongoing development. Innovative areas of application, fascinating structures and exciting, modern designs are just some of the prominent features of our successful product lines.

The skai® brand is the product of choice for Hornschuch's industrial clients. One example is the imitation leather used in luxury cars. The main benefit here lies in the blend of superior product characteristics which cannot be achieved by the natural original. Their colour, structure and durability suggest the highest quality. The skai® brand provides a wide range of films, foamed materials and coated substrates not only to the car industry but also for the furniture, fashion and building sectors and associated areas.

The d-c-fix® brand is aimed at the retail consumer market and includes design and functional films plus wall, floor and table coverings. d-c-fix® is the brand for films, among others, which allow each individual to create his or her own living space and lifestyle. The sky is the limit to your own creativity with d-c-fix®. Improving surfaces in the home, adding special touches, breathing new life into old furnishings - these are what make d-c-fix® products so appealing.

What both brands have in common is the fact that they are both produced by an expert manufacturer which observes the strictest tolerances and uses the best quality raw materials. And of course, all the products are Made in Germany.

skai® and d-c-fix® have been a success story for over 50 years now - and their high quality now sets the standard in their respective markets.

Both industrial and private users appreciate the original products with properties which have proven their worth over many years.