HISBALIT Design is a synonym for personalization and exclusivity. In addition to the design COLLECTIONS, clients may use our exclusive ART FACTORY service. Let your imagination soar and think in any motif: a picture, a landscape, a photograph, a special composition, a logo... our design team will turn your idea into a mosaic.

How? Easy. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Contact our design department and explain them your idea: What type of design are you looking for? Personalized panels in simple, geometric shapes, elaborate designs, retro style? Which format is the best suited to your idea, 15x15, 25x25, round, hexagonal, ... ? We will need you to send a plan with the measurements of the area you want to decorate with our mosaics.

2. Once you have chosen the type of design, we will send you our proposals and drafts to scale together with the estimate and delivery date.