Optimum results through intelligent use of resources: The Hellux Group is a premium vendor and technological leader in the area of outside lighting. In addition, we develop efficient luminaires for architectural and building vicinity lighting. Our range of products includes the segments of city lighting, building lighting, railway lighting, object lighting, and canal lock lighting.

In close cooperation with experienced architects, our lighting designers develop highly efficient luminaires, made using cutting-edge production techniques and setting standards in design and efficiency. With our light manufacture in Berlin, our plant in Hanover/Laatzen specialized in industrial large-scale production, and another modern manufacturing site in the Czech Republic, we are optimally positioned in the market.

As an experienced provider of complete solutions with a company history of over one hundred years, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of innovative, highly efficient and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Technical expertise, customer-oriented advice and reliability, as well as high quality standards are of utmost importance to us. Today, the Hellux Group counts about 150 employees and markets its products throughout Germany and Europe.

Audited quality, strong expertise
We are audited as a Q1 supplier to the Deutsche Bahn—just one example that reflects our high quality requirements and extensive capabilities. Moreover, we are currently in the process of being certified for DIN ISO 9001. Our production and development staff includes experienced engineers and experts in the fields of manufacturing, surface finishing, and final assembly as well as many excellent professionals with special qualifications.

Systematic quality assurance for reliability.
The Hellux Group has implemented an effective controlling and reporting systems for optimum control of business processes. In addition, a modern ERP system is in place. This allows us to control all business processes, make sure they are solid and reliable, and guarantee the highest planning reliability for our customers.