Giardini Wallcoverings is a company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of textile wallcoverings.

Established in 2000 as a new division of Giardini Ltd, a company founded in 1872 (part of the same family) that deals with international investment and various sectors of trade and industry.

Thanks to the wide use of rich fabrics, natural fibres and production of high technology and strictly 100% made in Italy, Giardini Wallcoverings has found its place in the wallcovering field and soon established a growing position in the niche of luxury high-end products.

Giardini Wallcoverings today boasts of being a leading manufacturer of textile jacquard wallcoverings and to be the Italian company in the sector with higher growth trend of recent years. Thanks to its super skilled staff and the young management Giardini Wallcoverings has succeeded in creating innovative products, with the use of textiles and technologies from the interior and fashion industry such as satin silk and velvet for the walls.

Having grate targets for the future the aim is to soon affirm its own brand in most of the market as first choice for any excellent textile wallcovering.

Giardini Wallcoverings is very fast opening a large network of customers, and today is exporting to more than 40 international countries.