Photographer: Marcel Koch


Frédéric Dedelley (born 1964), education as Product Designer at the ECAL, Lausanne and at Art Center College of Design (Europe), La Tour-de-Peilz. Since 1995 design studio in Zurich (products, furniture and interiors). 2001 – 2008: Professor at the University of Art and Design, Basel, furniture and interior design department. Since 2010, Head of the departement Object Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
Furniture and products (selection) for the companies Atelier Pfister, Burri AG Public Elements, INCHfurniture, Lehni, Wogg.

Exhibit design (selection):
2013, „Mucha, Manga, Mystery“, Bellerive Museum Zurich;
2012, „Bschiss“, Museum Basel Land;
2010, „Global Design“, Museum of Design Zurich;
2009, „Porcelain, white Gold“, Bellerive Museum
Zurich; 2007, „On Time“, Museum of Design Zurich;
2007, „Nature Design“, Museum of Design Zurich,
2006, „Gay Chic, from Subculture to Mainstream“, Museum of Design Zurich;
2003, „Swiss design, désir design“, MUDAC Lausanne;
2002, “Oui!“, expo.02, Yverdon-les-Bains.

Interior design (selection):
2012, „mon amour“, Zurich;
2011, „Mark Müller Gallery “, Zurich;
2009, „Church Dreikönige“, Zurich;
2009, „Church Wasserkirche“, Zurich;
2006, „Church Neumünster“, Zurich;
2002, „Church St. Theresia“, Zurich;
2002, „fidelio“, Zurich;
2000, „Musée romain de Vallon“, Vallon.

2011, „Objets mélancoliques N°2-9“;
2011, „Objets lumière N°1“, Glassworks Editions, Basel;
2010, „Memento Mori“, Helmrinderknecht Contemporary Design, Berlin;
2009, „Objet mélancolique N°1 (vase)“, Helmrinderknecht Contemporary Design, Berlin;
2007, „Deeply Superficial Objects“, Franziska Kessler Gallery, Zurich

Museum Grassi, Leipzig
Design Collection of the Design Museum Zürich
FNAC Collection (national fondation of contemporary art), Paris


Publications (Selection):
Catalog of the exhibit „Isn‘t it beautiful?“, MAKK Cologne, 2013, ISBN 978-3-86335-305-6
„Die Sehnsucht des Designers“, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, February 20, 2012
„Frédéric Dedelley, Design Detective“, Espaces Contemporains, March 2011
„Atelier Frédéric Dedelley“, Design+Design 10, N°3, 2010;
„Design als Mahnmal, NZZ am Sonntag, January 31, 2010
„Ich breche gern die Regeln“, Art, das Kunstmagazin, Nr. 7, July 2008
„Frédéric Dedelley, Design Detective“: Lars Müller Publishers, Baden, 2008, ISBN 978-3-03778-137-1


Prizewinner „Die Besten“ adjudged by the Swiss Television and the architecture and design magazine Hochparterre for the interior design project „Church Neumünster“, 2009
nominated for the „Swiss Design Award“ for the liturgical furnishing of „Church Neumünster“, 2007
Prizewinner „Swiss Design 2004“, 2004
Prizewinner „Die Besten“ adjudged by the Swiss Television and architecture and design magazine Hochparterre for cupboard „Hikaru“ for Lehni 2003
Prizewinner „Max Bill – Georges Vantongerloo Foundation”, Zumikon, 2000


Exhibitions (Selection):
„Isn‘t it romantic?“, MAKK Cologne, 2013
„Edition 21“, Helmrinderknecht Contemporary Design, Zurich, 2012
„Memento Mori“, Helmrinderknecht Contemporary Design, Berlin, 2010
„Vase vs Vases“, Helmrinderknecht Contemporary Design, Berlin, 2009
„Deeply Superficial Objects“, Franziska Kessler Gallery, Zürich, 2007
„Guestroom“, with Jasper Morrison and Zona Zurich, Neue Räume, Zurich, 2005
„Small and beautiful“, Museum Akihabara, Tokyo, 2005
„Swiss Design 2004“, Museum Bellerive, Zurich, 2004-05