Our vision is, with the most inspiring, functional and sustainable solutions, to be the Northern Europe’s leading supplier of furniture within office and public environments. We will get there through sustainable resources, effective processes and true sincere relations.

Sales & Support
EFG is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of office furniture. We hold a leading position in Scandinavia and are strengthening our position in Europe. We have subsidiaries in six countries in Europe - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain and France. Support to other markets are taken care of by EFG International at the Head Office in Tranås.
Production & Adaptations: Our production is order based. The majority of the more than 2,000 complete workstations that we deliver each week are manufactured in accordance with a firm order for products from our standard assortment. But we do create and manufacture customised furniture for unique projects. Or, more often, adapt our existing furniture. Its design, colour and material.

We began in 1885, when K.G. Andersson manufactured and sold his first rib-backed chair in Tranås. The business gradually expanded both with regard to assortment and size until 1972, when the next step forward was taken. After a merger with two other companies the name was changed to NKR.

1993 we changed our name to European Furniture Group - EFG. The background to this is EUs "four freedoms" that not only provide the possibility to work a homogenous European market, we see it as a necessity in order to act strongly in the future. International expansion is to be our strategy for the future.

The first step into the European market was taken in 1992, when we purchased 50% av Wingerei, Norways largest sales company for office furniture. That was followed by the acquisition of Finnish ASKO Huonekalus office furniture division 1997. The same year we bought the rest of Wingerei. And 1999 we established ourselves firmly in Great Britain by way of the acquisition of Matthews Office Furniture Ltd and 2004 we became leading at office furniture on the Norwegian market through acquisition of HOV+DOKKA.

EFG and the Environment
Climate changes caused by man are one of the greatest challenges of our age. EFG, European Furniture Group, recognises this and actively participates, on a voluntary basis, to help save our common environment.

There is a growing awareness that the products we buy have an affect upon the environment. More and more people actively choose the most eco-friendly alternative, provided that quality and function are guaranteed. At EFG we believe it is important that you have that option.

The environmental aspect is nothing new to us at EFG. We have worked on environmental issues for a long time, aiming to reduce our impact on the environment and increase awareness among our co-workers.

For even greater focus on environmental issues, we established the EFG Environment Group in 2007. The group meets several times a year to ensure that environmental work does not lose momentum. Just the opposite in fact – the group’s first task was a comprehensive assessment project leading to new, concrete measures.

As part of our measures, we have an eco-friendly model for product development. The goal is to examine the entire process focusing on the environmental influence, from the selection of raw materials and manufacture, to usage and recycling. We also believe that investing in projects for climate compensation can play a part in overall measures to achieve climate neutrality.

There is no project deadline for our environmental work; there is no finishing line to cross. We all have to work towards easing the environmental load on our planet.
We now label key parts of our range with the Swan, the official Nordic ecolabel. The environmental criteria for the Swan cover the entire life cycle of a product, from raw materials to waste minimization, from production to usage. A long lifespan obviously lessens the environmental impact. Quality and performance are therefore two further criteria in the labelling.