Since decades its Domaniecki`s corporate philosophy that passion and fascination in carpets are business and vocation at the same time. The discovery of remarkable rugs is of particular importance for us. In doing so, we attach importance to integrate handmade originals of genuine tradition into the modern indoor furnishing. Interesting creations are developed with the artists themselves, to get embodiments of incomparable appearance. The novel use and combination of delightful materials, ever and anon offers an astonishing play with look and surface feel.

Although we take to jutting aesthetics - we perceive ourselves as provider of sensible products and stand for elegancy which gets ennobled by using. Therefore our assortment suits to modern trendy living. Small but nice we concentrate on unique pieces. Every rug is a handmade unicum of masterly excellence. Additionally we attend to a very important duty: we avouch ecological and economical behaviour in the country of origin. We stand up for a conservation of the classical Tibetan craftsmanship to offer you, as a result, carpets of best quality.

We are planning and producing unique copies - our clients introduce their whole creativity and are allowed to recombine materials, styles and colours. In combination with our long-time expert knowledge individual items that fit to every ambience occur.