DEKNUDT MIRRORS - Passion for Mirror

Deknudt Mirrors is part of the “Deknudt Mirror Group”, which has been passionate about making mirrors for 65 years and is since 1946 based in the region of Flanders in Belgium (Europe). Making a mirror requires craftsmanship, as well as a full mastery and understanding of the technical processes involved. The Deknudt Mirror Group has its own production workshops staffed by experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. We are internationally recognized as the leading player on the mirror market.

Starting from perfect clear glass (which is the only material we don’t produce ourselves), our production unit manufactures everything in-house. The silvering (we have our own silver conveyor), the edging, bevelling, drilling, silkscreen printing on the front or on the back (= before silvering), partially transparent or semi-transparent etc. Deknudt Mirror Works is also the biggest producer of double sided mirrors for the best European bathroom cabinet door producers. Next to the mirror production site, we have a frame production site which produces injection moulded Polyurethane frames in 1 piece (so no joints, nor corners that open, nor frame modifications due to temperature or humidity). Those frames are decorated with golden metal leaves or silver metal leaves or any other type of finish according to the desired design.

Deknudt Mirrors has its own team of in-house designers who know exactly how to keep up with current trends, but are also not afraid to extend the boundaries. We present 3 different mirror collections. Extensive and varied, classic and modern. In fact, our range is so wide that anyone can find the right mirror that exactly suits his or her interior and personality. After all, you buy our mirrors for life.

“SPIEGELS” is the Flemish word for MIRRORS.
The Deknudt values -that serve as an important guideline in all the operations in our group- are clustered in this acronym:

“Samen”, meaning “together” : we all work together in a committed and respectful cooperation.

“Productief”, meaning “productive” : to create value with targeted efficiency.

“Innovatief”, meaning “innovative” : creative and innovative designs, as well as innovative teaching of each other with flexible and pliable adaptation.

“Excellent”: quality is our first line of approach. Our quality system is an important directive.

“Gedreven”, meaning “driven” : to continue building with resilient fighting spirit.

“Eerlijk”, meaning “honest”. Honest contact with suppliers, customers and fellow workers. We always take our responsibility in an honorable way.

“Leuk”, meaning “nice” : create and make tasteful products in a fine working atmosphere. Treat each other in a loving and caring way.

“Specialist” : mirror is a passion, mirrors is what we are and do. We are mirror specialist.