Choi Ropiha Fighera was founded in 2000 following John Choi and Tai Ropiha's win in the international competition for the re-design of the TKTS booth in Times Square, New York.

The project is widely acclaimed for the way in which the design provided public and private benefits while simultaneously strengthening the essential character of Times Square, and it has been this ability to find solutions that work at multiple levels that now characterizes the way in which the practice of Choi Ropiha Fighera approaches their projects.

The practice sees design as a tool to extract both commercial and qualitative value; public and private benefits; function and form; experience and meaning.

We are highly bespoke in our approach and expand from the specific requirements of each project and client's desires. A significant part of this approach is to projects to look beyond any given site and brief to bring broader design opportunities and aspirations to its projects.

Whilst this 'picture' approach gives clarity to the practice's strategic thinking, the practice also endeavors to match this logic with a parallel ambition to find evocative outcomes of unexpected delight.