Chic Cham is a brand that combines the spirit of India with design, as well as with tradition and modernity. 

It is a interior decoration brand that produces beautiful natural materials and poetic products for everyday life. Our designers interpret fashion and trends to give the products a very contemporary identity. The production is traditional and undertaken by hand by Indian craftsmen whose expertise gives our items a unique quality.

The combination of quality and creativity creates the identity and pride of the brand. Each product is uniquely handmade. They are an integral part of the uniqueness of Chic cham products.

Chic Cham creates 2 collections each season: spring/summer and autumn/winter.
Chic Cham uses natural materials.
Chic Cham products are handmade in India.
Chic Cham is committed to ethical and environmentally friendly methods of production.
The latest trends and the visual arts are the core of our identity. That is why Chic Cham's blog ‘Educate your sofa’ is updated daily.
All items are sold exclusively on
All items can be delivered in Switzerland and throughout Europe.
It is the passion for materials, decoration and craftsmanship that is behind Chic Cham.