Bureau SLA is a young Amsterdam-based architectural firm, founded by Peter van Assche in 2001. We design a broad variety of projects on hugely differing scales: from developing a vision of the future use of an island of twenty-four hectares to designing a bathroom of six square meters. And lots of different projects in-between: renovation of historical buildings, museums, a daycare centres, public housing, interior design, art, a skatepark, bridges, urban plans and even a cemetery.

Whatever the scale, the size and the budget may be, we always strive to stay open for our clients’ wishes and desires. We do not believe that there are standard solutions. The result of this approach is fresh, inspiring and durable designs that show that we enjoy solving complex problems.

Communication with its surroundings makes a building better. An urban plan has to be based on the manner in which people live, work and relax. With each project we strive to integrate these three levels: urban planning (stedenbouw in Dutch), landscape and architecture, hence SLA. A good building is built contextually to relate to its surroundings.

Selection of works

- the National Glass Museum in Leerdam (published as the best new building of 2010 by de Volkskrant)
- the extension the Duinhof cemetery in Lisse with offices, storage, mausoleums and landscaping
- the redesign of the entry to IJmuiden aan Zee: a wall of 5.000 glass fish and 800 high wind elements
- restoration of Fort Asperen, including an underground extension
- a café in Amsterdam’s Noorderpark built purely with materials bought on e-Bay
- a Buddhist retreat Centre in Henstdijk
- a new Jewish synagogue in Amstelveen