The Belgian Elric Petit, the Swiss Grégoire Jeanmonod and the French Augustin Scott de Martinville met at Ecal, where they studied industrial design. Taking advantage of their diverse backgrounds, they create the Big-game design studio in June 2004, today based in Lausanne and Brussels. According to their motto “From confrontation comes progress”, they mix universes through their collections. “Heritage in Progress”, their first collection, questions the blending of heritage and contemporary lifestyle. With “New Rich”, they make democratic objects exclusive by using gold. With “Pack, Sweet Pack”, they use packaging to create furniture. Lately, “Plus is More”, plays with the Swiss modernist heritage. Appart from their studio work, the members of Big-game also teach design at Ecal (Lausanne) and La Cambre (Brussels). While their approach is often experimental, their industrial realism makes the products sustainable for the market. Big-game’s objects are produced by companies such as Ligne Roset, Mitralux, Vlaemsch and Domestic, and awarded prizes such as the “Bourses Fédérales” or the first prize of the “Die Besten” contest in 2005. Taking part in numerous exhibitions, the studio also works with galleries such as KREO in Paris to create more exclusive pieces. More recently, they were brought to work in the field of scenography for companies such as Team by Wellis or commissioned work for Veuve Clicquot.


A book published in 2008 by Stichting Kunstboek retracing BIG-GAME's work since 2004.


- Die Besten 2005, for “Heritage in Progress”, Goldener Hase, Zürich
- SIDIM 2005, for the “Construction site Lamp”, Prix d’Excellence, Montréal
- Design-Report AWARD, nominated, Salone Satellite, Milan, 2006
- Swiss Federal Design Grants, winner, Bern, 2006


BIG-GAME's solo exhibition at the Musée du Grand-Hornu in Belgium, 2008.