Atelier Areti is a design studio based in London. Our work is driven by the desire to create beautiful objects that add to the quality of life of their users as well as those involved in their making.

‘Areti’ means virtue and excellence in Greek. We believe design should aspire to be excellent and excellent design has an ethical component.
Every object our society produces by default has been designed, thus it might as well be well designed. Our immediate environment influences our wellbeing and being surrounded by beautiful and useful objects adds quality to our life. Being surrounded by poorly designed, ugly objects, that deteriorate and break quickly, cannot be repaired and thus end up as landfill reduces the quality of our life and environment.

Beauty touches us, it speaks to us on an emotional level. We are attracted to beauty, it is pleasing to look at something beautiful. Being sensitive to beauty awakens in us emotions that are important. Someone who never engages in the contemplation and understanding of beauty is missing an area of human perception and emotion.

But maybe most important, what is moving about beauty is that it is a strong means of communication. One person creates a beautiful object and it resonates in and moves others. If no one responded to one’s notion of beauty, one would be very lonely. It is touching to think that something beautiful is the result of a person searching for the expression of certain feelings and thoughts and that another person can share these feelings by contemplation of the artist’s / designers’ work. Finally, our notion of beauty is not limited to aesthetics; to us, a mature understanding of beauty includes notions of the good and the true for example, meaning that a truly beautiful design must not just ‘look good’ superficially, but ‘be good’ through what it stands for and how it was made.

Atelier Areti thus aims at creating products of exceptional quality, both design and material wise, design and material execution being considered two sides of the same coin.

For every project, Atelier Areti seeks out some of the best craftsmen and manufactures, in their particular field, to work with. As a result, the products display a variety of materials and production methods in search for the most fertile partnership between design and material implementation.

Areti is committed to the notion of sustainability through quality. The aim is to create products that last, both through the quality of the design and the material. We use noble and long lasting materials such as glass, wood, metal, leather and porcelain. We work almost exclusively with small to medium size family owned manufactories and or single craftsmen in Europe in support of small and independent professionals.