Metahaven, based in Amsterdam and Brussels, is a studio focusing on design and research in visual identity and architecture. Its partners are Vinca Kruk, Daniel van der Velden and Gon Zifroni.


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Rue Paul Emile Janson 13
B-1050 Brussels Belgium
+32 486 38 98 06


Graphic Design for and Against Cities , Corner College, Zurich, 2009
Stadtstaat – A Scenario for Merging Cities, Episode Two , Casco Office for Art, Design and Theory, 2009
Stadtstaat – A Scenario for Merging Cities, Episode One , Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, 2009
Affiche Frontière , solo exhibition and urban poster campaign, CAPC musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, France, curated by Etienne Bernard, October – December 2009
On Purpose: Design Concepts, Arnolfini, Bristol, group exhibition curated by Nav Haq, October 2008
Since we last spoke about monuments , Stroom, Den Haag, group exhibition, curated by Mihnea Mircan, October - November 2008
Multipolar Search, Pancevo Republika! - 13th Art Biennial Pancevo, Serbia, group exhibition curated by Jelena Radic, September – October 2008
Cuneiform (Ideography) , Sinopale 2008, Black Sea Biennial, Sinop, Turkey, August–September 2008
ISEA2008 Juried Exhibition , National Museum of Singapore, July – August 2008
Imaginary Property , research passport designed for Florian Schneider at The Museum of the Stealing of Souls, Manifesta7, Trento, Italy, July 2008
Academy of Flows , group exhibition at Low Fesztival, Budapest, Hungary, February 2008
Forms of Inquiry: the Architecture of Critical Graphic Design , Architectural Association, London, Casco Utrecht, Lux Valence, IASPIS – International Artists Studio Program in Sweden, Archizoom EPFL, curated by Zak Kyes, 2007 – 2009
A Number of Worlds Resembling our Own , group exhibition at SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, June 2007