3form was founded in 1991 with a vision to create design-driven materials with an unyielding commitment to environmental responsibility.

In 2007, 3form became part of the Hunter Douglas Group and now has operational centers in the Europe and Asia and the USA.

3form Europe with its operation based in Rotterdam Holland, is dedicated to serving the European Design and Architecture community.

A Europe-wide specialist sales team and a multidisciplinary team of product specialists, designers, engineers and fabricators, support European Architects & Designers in seeking solutions from simple concepts to their most critical material challenges.

Embraced by architecture's multifaceted academic, commercial and editorial circles - 3form continues to be recognized in the industry. We strive to set new standards in material possibilities while maintaining our commitment to design excellence. Diversity and connectedness permeate our approach to design. We avoid homogenous mass-production and focus on creating high design materials that support global sustainability.

Already a trusted resource for many of architecture's most prolific leaders, 3form is committed to the collaborative realization of their boldest and most inventive visions. Going forward, 3form will continue to invest in new technology, material advancements and fabrication techniques. Today, standard setting innovation and environmental accountability are expected practices at 3form.