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Wigwam High Easychair
Tom Stepp
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Lounge/Aree d'attesa-Poltrone lounge

Descrizione del prodotto

Height: 110 cm
Depth: 76 cm
Width: 80 cm
Seat height: 43 cm
Seat depth: 44 cm

Linea del Prodotto


The renowned designer Tom Stepp has been playing with the traditional proportions and has combined quality material with daring details. The result is a soft resting chair, as thrilling to your eye as to your body.

Like a well-deserved hug - this is how Tom Stepp describes this latest member of the designer chair family – and establishes that design is more than just aesthetics. It’s just as much about forming elements that pleases you and makes your life easier.

The new Wigwam chair is designed by Danish furniture manufacturer Stouby, who stylishly establish themselves with a new, clear range of innovative furniture design. Odd details and elements of surprise forms a solid foundation, and every piece of furniture is always added a small and humoristic twist.

Built for comfort
Ultra pleasant seating comfort and soft cushions are the main components in this heavily upholstered chair, consisting of a moulded back and a soft and comfortable seat. Both the back- and the seat cushions are made from down covered cold foam, which gives the chair a very relaxed comfort. Function as well as innovative design is characteristic for Tom Steps design.

”My designs often arise from a need in my own everyday life, and I would never design something, that I wouldn’t use and have in my own house. Wigwam is build for comfort, and it is designed to let you sink in and enjoy the best of life.” Tom Stepp explains, who can add carpenter, building technician and engineer to his CV, as well as Design graduate from the Copenhagen Academy of Fine Arts.

Charming curves
Wigwams main characteristic is the voluminous back cushion, intentionally made bigger than the frame. This gives the chair a charming and humoristic expression, which triggers your fantasy and spreads an immediate delight. A simple frame supports the playful lines with a swivel base in brushed stainless steel, and makes the Wigwam appear as an energy filled resting place.

With its sculptural simplicity, charming curves and a light, back leaned look, the Wigwam chair is a piece of furniture, suitable for any environment like the entrances and living areas for the domestic market, and waiting areas, hotels and airports for the commercial market.