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bulthaup b3 pull-out larder tall unit
bulthaup b3
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Pull-out larder tall unit
Storage cabinets are an essential element of any kitchen. Bulthaup now offers a tall unit that can be pulled out all the way, even when fully laden, without noticeable sagging.
The new tall unit with full-length pull-out offers sufficient space for provisions. It can be loaded from either side to suit and all of the food inside can be seen at a glance. The unit therefore follows the open-shelf principle, albeit with the significant advantage that, after all the cooking is finished, the unit can be closed – and all of the supplies are stored away again without spoiling the calm appearance of the kitchen.

One of the features of the new pull-out larder tall unit is a technical innovation from bulthaup: A fitting which ensures that the torque produced when the drawer is pulled out is simply transferred into the carcase. The pull-out glides noiselessly and stably out of the carcase, even when fully laden, without sagging to any noticeable degree – and without any hint of rocking or wobbling. When closed, it self-closes over the last few centimeters stylishly and precisely.

The aluminum interior has a timelessly beautiful appeal, allows flexible use and harmonizes perfectly with other bulthaup kitchen interior drawers and pull-outs in solid wood and aluminum. It is also extremely easy to care for. A key feature in planning is the fact that the new pull-out larder tall unit has a variable width. In recognition of its exceptional function and esthetic design, the pull-out larder tall unit has been crowned with the iF product design award 2012.

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The universal bulthaup b3 design system encapsulates “state of the art” like no other. This system offers an incredibly wide range of versatile design solutions for perfect kitchens as well as surprising solutions for functional and aesthetic changes to spaces that go beyond the kitchen work area.

Combining functionality and ergonomics in a minimalist, light-looking form that not only creates precise functionality but also has a sensual, sculptured character is the inspiration and the result of engineer-driven thinking and passionate design. This is why, before the new kitchen generation was planned, designed and built, we went back and looked scientifically at workflows and movements in the kitchen. Previously, it was difficult to reach certain areas of the kitchen; you either had to bend down low or stretch up high. With the bulthaup b3 design system these hard-to-reach zones, i.e. those at the very top and bottom, were done away with. Instead, this system makes maximum use of the space between the wall and base units.

The bulthaup b3 design system offers limitless design freedom. Instead of a conventional floor-plan-based kitchen plan, the wall is activated and vitalized. The kitchen space becomes a living space that can be extended seamlessly into other areas of the home at will. The elements of this system can be installed wall-hung, floorstanding or foot-supported, depending on how much storage space is needed. All three types of installation create the impression of a “floating” kitchen. bulthaup b3 is the design system that makes working and living in the kitchen easier and gives the entire kitchen a stylish, lightweight and floating appearance.