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The Sweetest Sound: acousticpearls

Storia del Marchio

Simon Keane-Cowell


Armed with insight and aesthetic sensibility, the German manufacturer ACOUSTICPEARLS has been fighting for almost 10 years against the noise pollution of interior spaces. Their weapons: premium acoustic panel systems that are as beautiful as they are

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acousticpearls: perceptions of space

Storia del Marchio

Katharina Sommer


The Bremen firm ACOUSTICPEARLS beautifies spaces not only visually, but also acoustically.

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acousticpearls ARCHITECTS – open space acoustic system: ...

acousticpearls GmbH


The ARCHITECTS system is an innovative acoustic panel system that can be used to partition large spaces conveniently and help redefine workspaces. The system offers a means to uniquely combine structure and tranquility, without losing the transparent

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