Online Shop Module


The Designtextiles Online Shop Module is a web-based E-Commerce-system (SaaS-solution), also known as a cloud-based webshop. Specialist retailers and interior decorators can, on the basis of an annual license fee, implement the shop into their own Website. The module adopts the look- and feel of the existing website or Corporate Identity and enables a low- cost and easy entrance into the world of e-commerce.

An easy-to-use shop software, with configurator and all product data- and images already prepared for you.


The Architonic online-shop module was developed especially for the premium interior textiles branche, featuring two special plug-ins. The first plug-in a configurator that allows the end-customer, day or night, to put together curtains according to his/her needs.

Configure your curtain to your personal wishes and see it rendered live.

The second plug-in is a “Data Cloud” that manages access to ever updated and very extensive product data. This means that products in the shop won’t have to be updated manually, thereby saving every online-shop owner a huge amount of time. The shop owner only needs to enter prices and shipping costs and own google-sensitive key words.

With product data- and images from 6 premium brands - more will follow.


The online shop is an addtional point of sales for
you. 80% of all luxury purchases start with a research on internet. Customers that found your online shop can come, excited, to your physical store, and vice versa: customers in your store can continue their customer journey in your online shop. The configurator gives the customer, finally, direct and round-the-clock access to made-to-measure curtains.

We see the digital world as an additional service we can use. The many possibilities of virtual reality, for example, allow us to present ready-made-products, placed in an inspiring interior.

Benefit now from extra marketing: we link your shop and location on


Provided the product is offered in a particular way, the right-to-return can be declared in- applicable. This may count for a curtain that is configurated online or for a certain amount of cm‘s or meters chosen from a roll of fabric. Advise on this topic in detail is included in the shop license.


Your shop is fully hosted in the cloud and can be added to your own website. We will adjust the style & design of the site and the header to match your own website. You only need add a button „Online Shop“ to your own website.

The Data Cloud Plugin brings you automatically all the product details of the brands you represent into your shop. You don‘t have manage this data anymore. You only have to enter your own sale prices and shipping costs.

Style your shop according to your personal wishes and design.

Complete online shop, with:
- Filtered product search (faceted search)
- 0% transaction fees
- Responsive design for desktop, laptop and smartphone
- Design adapts to your CI
- Social media tools
- German language (very soon also English)
- Prices in € and CHF (later also $ and £)
- Hosting of Software in the Cloud
- simply add it to your own website
- Deposit payment possible (later more payment systems)

Data Cloud Plug-in with:
- 7000 updated products
- from 6 top brands
- Hosting and handling of data in the cloud

Curtain Configurator Plug-in for:
– Guided configuration in 10 steps
– Dynamic price calculation
– Manual for decision process

PRICE: € 159/MONTH excl. VAT

For the setup, individualization, example manual and terms & conditions and including 10 hours training, in the first year a setup-fee of 900 € is due. Upon request, more training and services can be booked.