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Going Loco: station projects steam ahead

Dominic Lutyens


Road congestion, airport check-in and security issues, centre-to-centre journeys – just some of the factors informing rail's burgeoning number of passengers. Architects are responding to this with spectacular grands projets that signal train

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Zaha Hadid (1950–2016)

Klaus Leuschel


Respected design critic and curator Klaus Leuschel pays a personal tribute to the Baghdad-born architect who, despite her non-establishment profile, would go on to become one of industry’s most influential and paradigm-shifting grandees.

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The Light Fantastic

Anderson-Frank Lachlan


That most intangible, yet fundamental, of architectural elements – light – takes centre-stage across a number of recent beacon projects internationally.

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Klaus Leuschel


‘The people did not like St Paul’s. They were against the Eiffel Tower. They liked neither the Sydney Opera House nor the Centre Pompidou. But today, millions of photos of these buildings are sent around the world via e-mail and by phone.’ (Jan

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