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Feel-good furniture: Interstuhl

Katharina Schwarze


The Swabian office furniture manufacturer INTERSTUHL takes its commitment to its customers just as seriously as its responsibility to its employees and the environment.

Well adjusted: Interstuhl PUREis3

Katharina Schwarze


INTERSTUHL responds to the trend in flexible workspaces with its PUREis3 chair – where a pared-down aesthetic meets ergonomic adaptability.

Winners do it sitting down: Interstuhl PUREis3

Katharina Schwarze


The PUREis3 chair from INTERSTUHL keeps users alert and active while sitting, thanks to its innovative, fully automatic Smart Spring system.

Round the bend: PUREis3 from Interstuhl

Gerrit Terstiege


With the PUREis3, the German office furniture manufacturer INTERSTUHL is launching an uncomplicated office chair for today's office: flexible in use in almost all office situations, easily adaptable to individual seating preferences and - thanks to a

Smart move: Interstuhl

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


The new FlexGrid on INTERSTUHL's JOYCEis3 range provides a healthy seating posture throughout the workday by dynamically responding to the sitter’s every move.

The JOYCEis3 is yours: Interstuhl

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


When it comes to finding an office chair to suit your individual seating style the JOYCEis3 range from INTERSTUHL offers plenty of choice.

In good company: Interstuhl

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


For over 50 years INTERSTUHL has continually strived to increase well-being in the workplace.

Falling into place: Interstuhl

Claudia Simone Hoff


A swivel chair is a swivel chair is a swivel chair, right? Not at all, as shown by the JOYCEis3 by Daniel Figueroa for the German furniture manufacturer INTERSTUHL. Thanks to its innovative modular design, myriad individual combinations are possible.

The New Work

Frame Publishers


Helmut Link explains how Interstuhl is adapting its office furniture to meet the needs of tomorrow’s working environments.

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