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A day in a fully automated smart home

James Wormald


With every household need catered for automatically, the Internet of Things promised us the easy life. Now smart home living can automate our daily lives, but what’s it really like?

Spot on: Plug & Light

Katharina Sommer


Light straight out of the power socket? With Plug & Light, German think-tank Insta is setting new standards for the connecting of low-voltage LED luminaires to the mains supply – and more and more luminaire manufacturers and planners are

The new bronze age: GIRA

Gerrit Terstiege


With control systems that include warm bronze tones and subtly shimmering surfaces, premium manufacturer of intelligent building technology GIRA, offers new creative freedom to specifiers interested in reflecting current trends.

Hot off the press: G-Pulse from GIRA

Gerrit Terstiege


What makes an original an original? You can find the answer to this and more in GIRA’s G-Pulse – an online magazine aimed explicitly at architects and interior designers.

Pushing my buttons: GIRA

Gerrit Terstiege


GIRA’s new pushbutton sensor 4 may employ a minimalist design language, but with its choice of LED icon colours as well as a pleasantly haptic response to touch, it packs a powerful, multi-sensory punch.

Don't shush me!: BOSSE

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Decades of experience has secured German manufacturer BOSSE’s position as a pioneer of room-in-room solutions – sustainable and comfortable spaces for trouble-free communication.

Sock it to me: Plug & Light

Katharina Schwarze


The PLUG & LIGHT network of Insta, Gira, JUNG and BRUMBERG bring the strengths of their individual expertise together, creating an innovative, versatile plug-in light socket.

Lighten up: Plug & Light

Katharina Schwarze


Set the mood and change it up in an instant with the flexible interior lighting options and solutions enabled by the PLUG & LIGHT system.

I’ve got the power: Plug & Light

Katharina Schwarze


Easy to use and highly compatible, PLUG & LIGHT puts the power into users’ own hands with lighting control sourced directly from the socket.

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