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Raccontare la storia di Driade significa seguire il percorso delle tante storie che fin dall’inizio si sono intersecate nel marchio. L’ultimo passo in ordine di tempo verso uno sviluppo continuo dell’azienda è l’acquisizione da parte di ItalianCreationGroup, holding industriale italiana che si occupa di acquisizione e accelerazione della crescita di piccole-medie aziende il cui brand rappresenti l’eccellenza e l’essenza della

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Material Tendencies: Philippe Starck

Anita Hackethal


Rather than trying to create beautiful objects, the French designer and architect considers it his duty to invent things that make life better for the largest number of people possible. He believes that the existence of an object is only justified

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The In-Betweeners: the rise of a new office-furniture ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


In the grand, teleological narrative of design, things are developed to make our lives increasingly better. New forms, materials and technological innovations are introduced, self-justifying, attended by a clarity of function and value. But what

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Plastic - the mouldable material of modern chairs

Susanne Fritz


In the visual arts the term 'plastic' is used for any form of creation involving a medium that can be sculpted or moulded, but it is also the term for a type of material that revolutionised the twentieth century. Using a number of plastic chairs as

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The Bearable Lightness of Being: Architonic meets Tokujin ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


'Maybe I don't like objects.' It's not every day you hear such a statement from a designer, particularly one as celebrated as Tokujin Yoshioka, who was recognised as A&W Designer of the Year 2011 during this year's imm cologne, But, then again,

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Prototype, prototype, prototype

Simon Keane-Cowell


Architonic spends some time with VIA, the Paris-based organisation committed to identifying and supporting young French design talent.

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Nuovo Image Book by Driade



Driade presenta il nuovo image book che, sotto la direzione artistica di David Chipperfield, mette in luce la collezione 2015 fotografata insieme ad alcuni pezzi storici e ad altri più recenti, per sottolineare la continuità tra passato, presente e

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