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Run for cover: Trends at Domotex 2018



Print technologies for creating unique products, sound-absorbing designer flooring, super-fluffy textured carpets and the rediscovery of herringbone parquet: sustainability is the universal aspect uniting the new flooring designs at DOMOTEX 2018.

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Looking forward: Susanne Schmidhuber on Domotex 2018



The 2018 edition of Domotex, the world’s leading trade fair for floor coverings, comes with a breath of fresh air: one of the many new features is a curatorial approach to exhibition design in connection with an overarching keynote theme.

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Coming Soon: Framing Trends



Artists, as well as design and architecture students, are developing creative flooring projects around the Unique Youniverse theme, providing a glimpse into their work in progress.

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DOMOTEX 2018: Many New Features



The world’s leading trade fair for floor coverings continues to evolve: from 2018 on, DOMOTEX will feature a new layout, new scheduling and an annual keynote theme.

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One giant step: Domotex 2018

Dominic Lutyens


With a new, user-friendly concept and a creative, trend-focused supporting programme, this year's edition of DOMOTEX fascinated both visitors and exhibitors.

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Roll out the red carpet: Domotex 2018

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


DOMOTEX will take place in Hanover from 12 to 15 January 2018. With a top-notch lecture programme, the world's leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings approaches the trend towards individualisation under the motto "Unique Youniverse".

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Same same but different: Unique Youniverse at Domotex 2018

Simon Keane-Cowell


Architonic talks to architect Peter Ippolito – head juror for Domotex's forthcoming Framing Trends exhibition – about the international flooring fair's new thematic focus on individualisation and what it means for architects and other specifiers.

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Space, Man: Domotex 2018

Katharina Sommer


The leading international fair for floor coverings, DOMOTEX, shows how the major trend in individualisation is extending to wall and ceiling surfaces. The result: added-value environments, strong on creative vision and functional performance.

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Your Floor: Domotex 2018

Simon Keane-Cowell


DOMOTEX in Hanover, the leading international exhibition for floor coverings, will launch its very first keynote theme in January 2018 under the title "Unique Youniverse" leading an industry shift toward in individualised flooring.

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Alfredo Häberli: Special Guest at DOMOTEX



DOMOTEX's special guest, Alfredo Häberli, takes a sensitive, straightforward approach to his work, constantly striving for a truly elegant twist.

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