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A splash of colour: Bette

Gerrit Terstiege


It sometimes takes a very particular hue to create the perfect bathroom atmosphere, which is why Bette offers its products in a colour range broad enough to satisfy every taste.

Flat out beautiful: Bette

Gerrit Terstiege


Bette's floor-level shower surfaces – which integrate seamlessly with the bathroom floor – have manifold qualities, many of which are hidden behind their discreet and stylish simplicity.

Well-rounded: Bette

Gerrit Terstiege


The simple form and sculptural aesthetics of the BetteCraft washbasin are the result of a sensitive manual manufacturing process.

Everything flows: Baths from BETTE

Julia Hauch


From the days of the humble wash-bowl to today’s wellness pools, we have certainly come a long way. Today, the bathroom is another living space that is enjoying something of an architectural renaissance. And with the unique products of bathroom

The circles of your mind: Bette

Simon Keane-Cowell


The new BetteCraft washbasin and BettePond bath from German glazed-titanium-steel bathroom experts Bette offer architects the chance to add exquisitely round, strongly graphic forms to their projects.

Our products are one of a kind: BETTE

Atrium Magazin für Wohnkultur, Design und Architektur


Masterpieces – family-run company BETTE produces architectonic elements for the bathroom out of enamelled titanium steel.

Design in a New Dress: Bette

Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Steeped in tradition, BETTE, the German Premium Manufacturer for enamelled titanium steel bathroom components, brings a soft touch along with newfound comfort to the powder room.

Architects’ top brands



The most popular manufacturers in the bathroom, bathroom fittings, bathroom floors and surface areas.

The specialist for elegance

DETAIL - Zeitschrift für Architektur + Baudetail


Steel and enamel have always been classic materials in the bathroom. When these traditional materials are combined, however, an entirely new and modern interior is created. Delbrück-based Bette specialises in elegant, filigree and minimalist

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