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Going Loco: station projects steam ahead

Dominic Lutyens


Road congestion, airport check-in and security issues, centre-to-centre journeys – just some of the factors informing rail's burgeoning number of passengers. Architects are responding to this with spectacular grands projets that signal train

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Taking route: 5 bus stations going places

Madeline Bouton


From the Philippines to the Netherlands, bus-station projects are revving up.

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Dutch Architecture



For decades a test bed for bold, experimental projects, the Netherlands continues to function as an architecturally compelling landscape – both in terms of design practice and consumption.

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Next Stop: new bus-station architecture

Simon Keane-Cowell


Summer's here. Let's take a trip! Traditionally the poor cousin to more grandiose transport-architectural types like airports and railway stations, bus-station design is moving into top gear.

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Station to Station

Alyn Griffiths


There has been a dramatic shift in the demands placed by public transportation on contemporary architecture since the turn of the millennium – the need to square the burgeoning of passenger numbers that attends the unstoppable march of urbanisation

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