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216/5 Armchair
Wilkhahn Design Archiv
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Description: Seat und Back Viscoelastic polypropylene Cushion red Frame Steel tube Chromium-plated The cantilever model belongs to the extensive FS-Line product family. The FS-Line was the result of many years of research and development: motion studies and countless models resulted in the unique concept of dynamic sitting that is still unrivalled in terms of self-adjustment, robustness and reduction to essentials. With sales figures of more than three million, the FS chair is Wilkhahn’s most successful chair. Its development introduced the world to “sitting without a driving licence”, i.e. the simplest functions with optimal performance and excellent design. The lateral swing arms allow synchronous movement of the seat and backrest by means of body weight. The FS-Line marked an innovation that created a new DIN standard as nobody could close their eyes to this convincing concept. By combining a highly flexible seat shell with a resilient frame structure, the chair automatically adjusts to a wide variety of body dimensions and changes in posture, thus providing optimal freedom to manoeuvre at the table. What is more: any chair may be updated even after decades by simply exchanging the shell - a model of excellence for sustainable design. Dimensions: Seat height 45 cm Overall height 85 cm Width 59 cm Depth 66 cm List price 570 DM (Price List 1981 / 1) Production period: Since 1983