The open spaces of the western part of Hafencity are central components of the processes of transformation of the former harbor zone south of the historical Speicherstadt (waterhouse district) bordering on the inner city.
This area has changed continuously throughout its history, in keeping with various harbor and industrial uses. The alternating ebb and high tides characterize the typical appearance of the port basin.
As protection against storm surges, new mixed used construction surfaces for central inner city functions such as residence, work, commerce, culture , and leisure will be elevated by approx three meters in the course of the development.

“Our intervention is dynamic and flexible. A changing landscape on a human scale, moving partially with the floods, bringing people nearer to the water and its moods.

The new profile of the land has been studied thinking of human needs, so that people can feel relaxed here. The new urban planning brings the public in a fluid movement from the new housing blocks down to the water, making for everyone's enjoyment a new artificial landscape that is inhabited by natural elements: water and plants. People can find water and trees on every level of the public space.

Water level (0,00): A big floating platform provides access to small boats, sport boats and ferryboats, as well as leisure areas. Special floating elements provide the presence of greenery and trees at the water level. Water is visible from the borders and through holes, to create a pond like effect.

Low promenade level (4,50 ): This level is mainly for pedestrians, and will host small cafes thereby creating a relaxed promenade overlooking the water. This level will be flooded only on exceptionally bad weather days, on an average of twice or three times a year.
Street level (7, 50): We propose pedestrian and playing areas also at street level, separating heavy traffic from pedestrians.

“A system of ramps, stairways, and catwalks connect the different levels. One of the project’s most welcome protagonists is the vegetation; thee are many different types and the addition will change the look of the port according to the season of the year, a note of colour and contrasts for the northern city”.

Hafencity Hamburg GmbH

Architects: Benedetta Tagliabue, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
Project leader: Karl Unglaub (Miralles Tagliabue EMBT),

Project architects: Elena Rocchi, Stefan Geenen, Elena Nedelcu, Lucía Ortiz, Jorge Carvajal, Eugenio Cirulli, Max Gunst, Massimo Chizzola, Santiago Crespi, Marco de Gregorio, Annunziata Dezio, Daniel Domingo, Jörgen Dreher, Gianfranco Grondona, Joana Guerra, Simon Junge, Irene Kasjanenko, Maximilian Kneucker, Jan Kokol, Ana Catarina Miguel, Beatriz Minguez, Amanda Mori, Gordon Moss, Fernando Mota, Adelaide Pasetti, Jakob Pitroff, Judit Rigerszki, Elena Rocchi, Jorge Rollán, Thorsten Saul, Ida Sborgia, Alex Schmidt, Bastian Schubert, Kerstin Schwindt, Roberto Sforza, Alexandra Spiegel, Lidia Tomaro, Nuno Torres, Laura Valentini, Umberto Viotto, Henrike Wettner, Waldemar Wilwer, Sabine Zaharanski

Model: Gabriele Rotelli, Guile Amadeu, Nuno Almeida, Felipe Bernal, Milena Boxberger, Daniel Burston, Giovanni Cardone, Carolina Civarolo, Carla Cruz, Daniel Erfeld, Elizabeth Farkas, Ina Fertig, Rafael Galvis, Sergio Leone, Cassía de Godoy Lima, Abelardo Gomez, Enno Hergenhan, Valentin Kokudev, Michael Kührt, José Manuel LaTorre, Javier Logreira, Desirée Mann, Dirk Mayer, Sylman Mirza, Christian Molina, Kate Moore, Maria Pierres, Ligita Nicgale, Lina Parra, Catalina Pinzon, Jordi Roldán, Nuno Rodrigues, Miguel Romero, Miguel Sanchez, Jana Scheifele, Anna Stoppani, Rocco Tenca, Martina Viganò, Tobias Schmitt.

Landscape Architects: WES & Partner Landschaftsarchitekten
Engineers: Körting Ingenieure, WTM Ingenieure
Public Works: Boymann group, Glandorf
Landscape gardener: v. Oertzen, Elmshorn
Trees: v. Ehren, Hamburg
Railing: Weiland + Kuck, Hamburg
Spiral of Light: Mächler GmbH, Gaggenau
Stone: Brick and stone: Kontor Emsland, Rheda: Wiedenbrück
Concrete steps and finishing products: GBL Gödde concrete, Wadersloh
Lights: HEW, Hamburg