Weltevree was founded in 2007 by designers Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff to make innovative and distinctive products accessible to a wide audience: we develop and produce the products ourselves and supply them via partners or directly to the end users, thus ensuring our desired level of quality within a healthy network of designers, suppliers and consumers.
Weltevree is the name of a place where you feel happy and at home. A direct translation in English would be ‘well content’. The name was often given to Dutch farm houses - it stands for pride and being at ease. We make products for Weltevree’s all over the world.
Weltevree focuses on quality: quality in the design and materials of our products and quality in the experience and use of those products. And for us, the quality of a Weltevree experience is all about feeling comfortable and connected to your surroundings: warming yourself by the fire in your stove, outdoor cooking in your garden and soaking in a wood-fired hot tub. Our products invite you to review the daily things around you: they answer to our basic needs but are luxurious in their experience.
Our view on products is shown in the way we present our collection as well: Weltevree is a recognizable label at fairs, events and stores worldwide. In different places and situations, but always Weltevree.