Skargaarden makes leisure furniture, and by that we mean furniture that is beautiful enough to have indoors, but resilient enough to withstand the great outdoors for much of the year. Our furniture defies being classified by where you put it; it’s what you use it for that counts. And what do you use it for? Well, put simply, nothing whatsoever.
Our furniture is made for those moments when you are free from the demands and routines of everyday life. When you can be utterly purposeless and unproductive.
Everything is produced with an uncompromising dedication and quality that is obvious wherever our furniture is placed: whether in the lobby of a hotel, by a pool, or in front of a roaring log fire in a country cottage.
We’re from Sweden. Is that of any importance?
Well, we think so.
From the graceful subtlety of a Grinda chair, to the voluptuous comfort of the Falsterbo sofa and the simple serenity of the glass and concrete in a Möja candle light – there’s a distinct quality to it all, making it all relate to one another. We believe that this illusive trait, that refuses to be put in precise words, defines us as Swedish. There are links to the local craftsmanship of the past, in every carefully elaborated detail. We are the continuation of a heritage; a part of a tradition that we are proud to carry on.
It’s what we are. What we couldn’t have been anywhere else.
Yes. It’s important.

We work with the most exclusive commodity there is. Free time.
We make leisure furniture, and by that we mean furniture made for a situation and a feeling rather than for a specific place. Of course lots of people use our furniture outdoors. But our furniture also probably ends up in conservatories, on verandas and even in dining rooms and drawing rooms. And that’s okay.
The important thing is that our furniture is there when you need to relax: either spending time with your family and friends, or just grabbing a moment to yourself.
You can define luxury in many ways, but this is ours. We believe that luxury is the freedom to devote yourself to absolutely nothing: to ignore the demands and musts of everyday life. It is for these occasions that we make furniture and interior design details that are as exclusive as the occasions they are crafted for.
Chairs that hold your thoughts, tables that keep you company and cushions that cradle your dreams; and lamps and lanterns that counter the gloom at dusk, and blankets that warm the evening.