Simply flexible.

Scheicher Walls are one of the leading producers of Interiour Wall Systems in Europe. It is a family business, handed down through three generations.

Scheicher was founded by Alois Scheicher in 1923 in Hallein, a town surrounded by the Austrian Alp. Alois had an artisan passion for woodwork and an eye for precision engineering. His unwavering dedication to quality and the love of his art have become the hallmarks of the company now bearing his name.

Three generations down this illustrious line, Rudolf Scheicher proudly carries this timeless tradition into the next century.

Scheicher Walls – an intelligent combination of form, function and technology.

The aesthetics of a wall.

What makes the Scheicher Wall so different?

Scheicher’s design ethic is influenced by its European roots; simplicity and environmental functionality. Precision engineering to the highest standards using sustainably sourced materials are part of the strong tradition that makes every Scheicher Wall so special. Scheicher is committed to use only the highest quality sustainable materials. Our timber, metal and glass all conform to this principle ensuring every Scheicher Wall maintains the integrity of our traditions.

Scheicher Walls captivate through their aesthetic impression and their high quality.

The space within space.

Scheicher Walls create a living space, in which creativity and individuality can flourish. The benefits of Scheicher Walls’ modularity can not only be felt in the simplicity of creating bespoke spaces, but also in the vast customization options of surfaces, colors, and finishes. This dedication to giving our customer choices extends to our range of doors, flexible shelf systems, pin boards and marker boards integrations.

Scheicher Walls throughout retain their sound insulation performance.

Scheicher Wall Systems create space that convinces through high functionality.

In the middle of the Austrian Alps.

Scheicher is proud of its highly skilled team of carpenters that exclusively produce Scheicher Walls in Adnet, a village near Salzburg, Austria.

Scheichers’ patented design enables the wall system to be unique in its fast and precise assembly. Our modular wall units are delivered complete and can be integrated into various environments without complications.

The Scheicher Wall can be installed quickly, easily and cleanly.

Scheicher Wall clients.

We are proud to have produced Scheicher Walls for:

Austria: ARWAG | Austria Bio Garantie | BAWAG | BMD | BMW-Höglinger
Capgemini | Ford Schmidt | Generali | Hansaton | Herz Jesu Krankenhaus
Holzindustrie Pfeifer | Infineon | Klausner Holzindustrie | Kleen-Tex Industries
Österreichische Staatsdruckerei | Palfinger | Peek & Cloppenburg | Physiotherm
Privatbrauerei Egger | Raiffeisenbanken | Rotes Kreuz Salzburg | Sandoz | Sigmatek
Universitätsklinik Innsbruck | Velux | Voith Paper | Volksbanken | W&H Dentalwerk
Germany: Adidas | Albertinen Krankenhaus | Albis Plastic | Allianz | Audi
Dechent | Bayer | Caterpillar | Deutsche Flugsicherung | E-Bridge | Europäisches
Patentamt | Erdgas Südbayern | First Data | Frankfurter Sparkasse | Gräfe und
Unzer | Hamburger Sparkasse | Henkel, Düsseldorf | Heilpädagogisches
Zentrum, Piding | HSBC, München | Peek & Cloppenburg | NetColonge | Netto
Marken Discount | Stadtsparkasse Köln | Tiba Managementberatung
Volksbanken | Warner Music | ZIP Nemetschek
Europe, USA, Japan: Mainfirst Financial Services Zürich, Schweiz
Physics an der University of London, GB | Holopack in Columbia, USA
Miki Foods in Osaka, Sapporo und Hiroshima, Japan