A can-do ethic, social accountability, sustainability, quality, research, innovation, customization, design, identity, cooperation: these are the values at the hub of Rexa’s production and growth strategies.
New materials, stringent design criteria, excellent workmanship leaving space for product customization, and a fully in-house manufacturing process.

The plant, inaugurated in 2012, with 9000 m2 ca. of covered surface area, is set in a green area looking out on the marvelous natural scenario of the mountains of the Friuli region – because at Rexa, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and an “autobiographical” reference.

The attractive, well-designed facility employs eco-technologies for clean-energy manufacturing. A 1300 m2 solar-panel installation generates 206,000 kWh annually: all the energy Rexa needs for manufacturing, lighting, and climate control.
Starting with this fundamental asset, the new Rexa plant went on to develop serene, conducive work environments, ideal settings for designing ideal interiors for others. Cooperation and participative work by our people are central elements in a new way of conceiving design and enterprise: simplicity and technology are indivisible requirements for impeccable, top-quality products.

Here at Rexa, we take the time we need to create products as they should be created. First-person commitment is a primary value that requires a different kind of energy and involvement if we are to work in a truly responsible manner. The Rexa Design products are designed to enhance the essence of the bath as a space where scrupulous workmanship meets fine materials and solutions designed to ensure maximum comfort and incomparable beauty; where the pleasure of “time regained” opens a new dimension in living and a window on contemporary luxury. Iconic products, in minimalist or organic forms, well-equipped and multi-functional for welcoming, practical spaces, ambiances of ease and elegance for indulging life’s little pleasures.

The Fruilian company sees its design agenda as a quest for excellence and perfection of the living space we devote to personal care. Entirely Made in Italy, Rexa’s products match all the care that goes into the finest artisan creations with high-technology numerical-control machinery, for finished products of superb overall quality incorporating such advanced materials as DuPont™ Corian®.

Rexa’s approach to customization, a sought-after “plus” for many customers, applies company know-how to customize the models presented in the catalogue to meet any demands in terms of sizes and accessories, and even to create new models to customers’ own designs.