The philosophy behind my furniture collection ”No Early Birds” is to make conscious design, locally produced from natural Swedish materials. A basic yet strongly architectural formal language, with elegant and well thought through functional details.
The collection is the result of all the places I’ve seen, interesting people I’ve met, and all the design and architecture I’ve experienced around the world. From the disused industrial areas I played in as a child, to the skyscrapers I saw on my first trip to New York. From the student years I spent in Milan, to the 14 years of running my own architecture firm in Stockholm.
It is my conviction after all these years that we need products that are more personal and responsible.
Being both the designer and the producer, I have a unique perspective on how my design decisions affect the final product. I never feel that I have to compromise, since every decision is made from a holistic approach. Having a direct contact with the consumer has been very instructive and also given me a humble approach.
Everything in the collection is produced in Sweden with excellent skills and high quality. All details, materials and surface treatments are chosen with great concern to environment, origin and sustainability, all the while being elegant and tactile. The materials are rich in contrast: vegetable-tanned Tärnsjö leather, waxed pine plywood, powder coated metal and brass.
My ambition is to create products that are caring, inspiring and emotional.

/ Per Söderberg, Stockholm, February 2011

Per Söderberg holds a Master in design from the Domus Academy, Milan. Among his former projects you’ll find the storage system Funk from Asplund, private houses, shops, restaurants and office interiors for clients such as David design, Moschino, J.Lindeberg and Orrefors.