September 2015 / Looking to the future

Since it was founded in 1937, the premium furniture manufacturer has developed into one of the leading designer furniture companies for urban life and living.

interlübke is one of Germany's most renowned furniture brands with a global reputation. Few manufacturers can look back on such a long brand history, and none can offer such depth of production. It has kept its premium promise to good design for almost eight decades, thanks to the high quality and unmistakable style of its innovative furniture concepts and ranges. Founded in 1937, the company employs around 165 people at its production facility in Rheda-Weidenbrück in north-east Germany, the heart of the German furniture industry. The company has won multiple awards for its efforts, and has never moved from its home.

Designing living space – more than just furniture

With the courage to pursue design-focused furniture for modern living as early as the 1960s, interlübke gained its reputation as one of the industry's pioneers. Its furniture is a benchmark for modernity and quality, constantly reinterpreted in every single product. The company is rooted in this aspiration, with each piece of furniture individually configured and produced as a unique product to this day.

interlübke keeps up with the contemporary lifestyle of its target groups through its willingness to accept change from inside and out and help shape the latest developments and living styles. Modern design classics like studimo and cube are driven by this innovative spirit, as are the unique furniture ranges.

Connecting with brand values

Today, the premium brand stands for urban life and living, offering greater fascination and participation. When customers buy an interlübke design, they can create their own personal interpretation of the furniture's basic form through the choice of materials, colours and individually designed surfaces. Concrete and lacquered surfaces create a connection to the surrounding architecture. Woods, natural leathers or equally finely crafted metal accents can be used to create emotive worlds. This sense of inspiration is what makes the brand so fascinating.

Overview of the current product range

Wardrobes: collect, base
Sideboards: cube gap, cube fine, cube play, cube change; mell
Secretary desks: mell
Shelf systems: studimo, grid
Beds: mell, jalis, malo, nocto plus
Room dividers: sipario

Designers: Werner Aisslinger, Rolf Heide, Janke.Coste Design, Jehs+Laub, Peter Kräling, Peter Maly, Klaus Schneider, Team Form