stretch textiles is a young brand for upholstery fabrics, produced by Innofa in Tilburg, The Netherlands. A company with a long history in textile, introducing an innovative collection of knitted interior fabrics which, besides furniture, can also be used for decorative and acoustic purposes. The collection consists mostly of fabrics made out of wool. The fabrics are suitable for both contract and home.

One of the most important feature which makes the fabric special is stretch. It stretches because of the structure which is a set of loops hooked into each other. By changing the construction, the composition and jacquards, fabrics will arise which vary from simple knitted fabrics and velour to 3D fabrics. The stretch makes it also possible to emphasize curves in a different way whereby complex products can be upholstered in an easier and faster way.

History. How it all started…

1922 George Dröge becomes owner of N.V. Wollenstoffenfabriek George Dröge, a traditional wool weaving factory in Tilburg, city known for its textile industries.

The Fifties George's son Rolf joins the company. As a result of changes in the interior and fashion industries, the demand for knitwear and different types of yarns is growing. George Dröge starts circular knitting.

The Seventies Rolf Dröge experiments with interior and technical textiles in terrycloth and stretch. This results in the successful development of a knitted stretch mattress ticking for Auping.

1980 As a result of the developments of the last decade, Rolf Dröge founds a new company. The company that follows up the N.V. Wollenstoffenfabriek George Dröge is named Innofa, which is a combination of the first letters of Innovated Fabrics.

1991 The next generation of the Dröge family takes over Innofa. Since 1991 the company is run by its current managers Job and Rogier, sons of Rolf Dröge.

2002 Innofa moves to a new state of the art building with a total surface of 12.500 m2. It is the most modern production facility of knitted fabrics in western Europe, with its own design-, finishing- and quality control departments.

2003 The increased export to the United States results in a need for a local production unit. On October 14th of 2003 the American knitting production facility of Innofa opens officially in Reidsville (North Carolina).

2008 Innofa introduces a new brand of furniture fabrics stretch textiles and is until today still one of the most innovative textile manufacturer in Europe.