Extratapete is a new berlin-based company, that specializes on design and production of individual wallpapers. Due to a new production method, it is now possible to manufacture wallpapers in small volumes. This enables Extratapete to produce new vivid alternatives to the large-volume mainstream.

You can find our present wallpaper offers under the category Collection. Interior decorators etc. may find our Production on demand interesting. This section describes individual designs of specific applied patterns. Within film, theater, media and the arts, we offer production of predesigns.

Producing the wallpapers according to requests. Due to our flexible production facilities, you are enabled to produce small volumes and different wall heights (strip lengths). This option is new within wallpaper production. The wallpapers consists of pure fleece. The colour grade is tested and meet the standards of traditional deep-print wallpapers. Fleece is a stable material that maintains its dimensions, making it very easy to apply.

The width of the strip is 46.5 cm.
The finished strips are available for wallheights of: 1,5 m, 2,5 m, 3.0 m, 3,5 m and 4,0 m. Longer strips upon request.