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The Lampagena has an elegant, urban character with a Nordic inspiration. It is made in stainless steel and glass and adds to the dignity of public areas, providing them with wisdom and beauty.

Because of their love for music, the architects Andreu Arriola and Carme Fiol decided to give a series of urban furnishings the generic name of Magic Flute, Opera of Urban Furnishings. The series comprises lighting units, garden boxes and fountains, among which this lamp is of note. It is called the Lampagena street lamp, in homage to one of the characters from the opera: like Tamino, it is learning to make sense of its world and to be worthy of wisdom and love.

This indirect lighting unit is made in stainless steel and glass and composed of a series of tapered cone-shaped deflecting optics and a crowning circular reflective screen. Its Nordic influence gives it great beauty and simplicity.

The lamp is manufactured in two sizes. It may be housed upon a telescopic column, on a wall mounted bracket or suspended using a cable system.

Telescopic column in two heights, 3,50m and 4,40m, made of two cylindrical tubes of heat-galvanised steel or sandblasted stainless steel of 152mm in diameter for the base and 76mm for the shaft. The wall arm is made of two T-shaped tubes of heat-galvanised steel or sandblasted stainless steel of 30 and 76 mm in diameter, welded to a cylindrical box in the same material for fastening. Stainless steel and glass lamp is manufactured in two sizes: the small one, Ø70 cm for 70 W high pressure sodium steam, or metal halogen lights; and the big one, Ø90 cm, for 150 W high pressure sodium vapour, or metal halide lights. The lamp is supplied assembled. Assembly instructions are included.The column is fastened using concrete cube, made on site, and anchorage bolts. The foundations should provide a slot for the electrical connection. The arm and the cable system are fixed to the wall using mechanical blocks. Anchorage bolts and pattern come with the column; fixing bolts come with the arm. Normal part replacement and maintenance.

lamp Ø70 / Ø90: 22 kg / 27 kg. column: 3,50m / 4,40m: 34 kg / 39 kg.